Tea Picking Tour in Ashikubo

Why don’t you join forces with local tea farmers and fully enjoy green tea experience?

Ashikubo is the birthplace of Shizuoka Cha(Tea) and has a long tradition of expertise in producing delicious tea.

Shouichi Kokushi,a Japanese Buddhist monk brought tea seeds from China and planted them near the upstream part of Ashikubo river in 1244. This became the first tea plant to be grown in Shizuoka. 

Its tea of fine quality is well known for an offering to Ieyasu Tokugawa,the founder and first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate in Japan. 

During the tour, the target of hand picking tea leaves is 60kg!! 

Work hard and Enjoy all together!


★Fresh green tea leaf’s Tempura(freshly fried)!  

We will have outdoor lunch in the tea field. A peaceful spring scene of Ashikubo should not be missed!

★Walking around the country side and refresh yourself!  

★Touring the local factory to see how tea is produced!

★Learning how to brew delicious Ashikubo cha(tea)!

★The first tea of the season(50g) will be reached later on!


22nd April  (Sunday) 2018


20people(13people at least)



(tax, chartered bus fare, lunch, experience fee, postage for sending tea are included )


08:15 JR Shizuoka Station == 09:00 Ashikubo (Tea Picking,Lunch, Observatory of tea factory, Walking, Small tea party etc)== 17:00 JR Shizuoka Station(Scheduled)


If you want to apply for this tour , please feel free to contact us by e-mail .

English speaking guide service is not included in the tour . 

If you need  English guide,  please let us know. Thank you.  

E mail address : info@soft-labo.net