Shizuoka Tea Market Observation and Chanomachi(Tea Town Area) Stroll

 No green tea lovers should miss the unique experience! 

The annual spring tour will start soon and you will enjoy 

the deep world of green tea to the full!




 ●Shizuoka Tea Market  Observation 

Shizuoka Tea Market is usually not open to the public, but during the first tea of the season, you can observe the state of direct transactions so lively.

Professional guide will give you a special lecture on various theme on tea such as trading, production,processing, how to brew or drink,history, culture and so on.


It is not available to touch real crude tea for trading, but instead, you can have appraisal experience or tasting using different samples.




After observing Shizuoka Tea Market, We will have  Japanese traditional breakfast. 

Here,tea merchants or concerned are always bustling for breakfast in this season!



 ●Chanomachi(Tea Town Area ) Stroll 

Chanomachi(Tea town area) is the district for tea business, such as tea blenders or merchants.


Originally, this town was created by Tokugawa Ieyasu, well known for the first shogun and founder of Tokugawa shogunate.

He created 96different business districts separated by industry. 


Here, we will guide you to stroll around and enjoy highlight of this area. On the way, we will drop in tea merchants’ shop and have some tea experience for short time!


●●Tour Information●●●


 Period of time  

22nd April  (Sunday) to 13th May(Sunday)


10people(5people at least)



 (tax, experience fee, guide fee,breakfast are included)

※It is available to choose either tour. In that case,

  the tour price is as below.

●Shizuoka Tea Market Observation:3,500JPY


●Chanomachi(Tea Town Area)Stroll:2,000JPY



06:00Shizuoka Tea Market(Observe, Experience or else)・・08:00Breakfast・・08:20Chanomachi(Tea Town Area)Stroll(Have a stroll,Drop in tea merchant’s shop or else)・・10:00Disband at Chamachi street


If you want to apply for this tour , please feel free to contact us by e-mail .

English speaking guide service is not included in the tour . 

If you need  English guide,  please let us know. Thank you.  

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