World O-CHA Festival 2016 PLUS Walking Tour in Chamachi


◆For the Green Tea Enthusiasts and Lovers in all over the world◆ 


Why don't you join the walking tour around Chamachi(Tea town)and explore the special world of Shizuoka Green tea to the full? The combination of taking

part in the World O-CHA Festival 2016  and joining the tour will be more attractive.

Plus and have more fun!! You should never miss them.



【E】10/27th(Thurs)・28th(Fri)・29th(Sat)・ 30th(Sun)

2Tours a day ×4Days

Shizuoka Chanomachi SANPO!

●○Have a stroll around Chamachi(Tea town )○●

Various tea from all over Japan has been gathered around Chamachi (Tea town) in Shizuoka.Let's go for a stroll around this historical town  and feel relaxed. We will take you to 2 Tea Wholesalers shops and observe their master work or tea factory. 

This is not usually open to the public  you will have a special experience and marvelous tea in each shop. 


<Date>October27th(Thurs) ・28th(Fri)・29th(Sat)・ 30th(Sun)  

①9:00/②13:30 Departure

<Capacity> 10people(6people at least)

<Price> 3000JPY(included Experience fee