World O-CHA Festival 2016 PLUS Original Tea Tour

 ◆For the Green Tea Enthusiasts and Lovers in all over the world◆ 


Why don't you join the short tour and explore the special world of Shizuoka Green tea to the full? The combination of taking part in the World O-CHA Festival 2016  and joining the tour will be more attractive. Plus and have more fun!! You should never miss them.



【A】10/27( Thursday)*2Tours a day


Master! "SAJUTSU"~Secrets of Tea~

◆Saitou Nouen(Farm)

◆SAJUTSU Mini Lecture&Visiting Tea Farm


What is ”SAJUTSU”? Have you ever heard of it?

Actually no one knows what it is…..

We will see into the heart of tea and best hospitality for the guests.Mr.Saito practiced the secrets when he was young and devoted himself to the tea.We will learn about "SAJUTSU" and visit his organic tea farm as well.

Can you believe that his saying "My tea is too sweet to sell!" !?

<Date>27th October(Thursday) ①9:00/②13:30 Departure

<Capacity> 8people(5people at least)

<Price> 5600JPY(included chartered bus fare