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Marvelous trip to SHIZUOKA !!

2015/5/14 15:50[ 3449hit ]

Marvelous trip to the world of Shizuoka Green Tea!


Why don’t you experience a special in-depth tour here in Shizuoka, Japan's leading place in green tea production?




■Highlights of the tour


・Enjoy the beautiful greenery of Japanese tea field.


・Try picking tea yourself.


・Interact with enterprising tea farmers and locals.


・Savor tasty green tea and feel relaxed.


・Enjoy gourmet food and local specialties.



■Tour Information




A truly unique Mt.Fuji Experience!


Experience the year-round charms of Mt.Fuji on a pleasant leisurely trek down the mountain. 







We will coordinate your original trip in Shizuoka upon your request. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. Thank you.


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